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Wild Hog Hunting

Hogs have become plentiful over the past dozen years. In fact, many would argue that they have become a management nightmare. Biologist estimate there are 60 hogs per square mile in our area and these numbers continue to increase.

Hunting is our primary way of managing the hog population. We hunt hogs year round, however, the best months for successful hunting are mid-February through April.

Hog hunts are conducted from shooting house over baited sites. Early morning and late afternoon hunts are the most productive times to sight hogs during daylight. The average shot being 100 yards.

There is NO LIMIT on hogs. If you are looking to "fill your freezer" or "smell gun powder", this is the hunt for you. The affordability of this hunt makes it a great hunt for kids and first time hunters.

Night Hog Hunting

Thermal optics makes hog hunting at night very productive, especially later in the year when warmer temperatures and increased hunting pressure compels hogs to move after dark.

Night hunting is done by crusing fields and bait sites. Spotting and stalking to a comfortable shooting position.

Typically, we match one experienced guide with one or two hunters. These hunts begin shortly after dark and go to midnight.